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Plautz’s plan for crops lost in July 9 hailstorm takes major detour

GIBBON — The page 1 Hub photo of Dean Plautz standing in a cornfield east of the intersection of Lowell and Kilgore roads, south of Gibbon, captures the misery felt by hundreds of south-central Nebraska farmers the morning after the July 9 hailstorm. — Full Story »

Moving Forward

RAVENNA — Green plants covering rolling hills along Ravenna Road and for miles beyond give a midsummer garden look to Nebraska farmland that should be painted in harvest season tans and browns. — Full Story »

Cargill elevator near Holdrege increases grain capacity by 3.5 million bushels

HOLDREGE — Harvest season grain piles at the Cargill elevator southwest of Holdrege are a thing of the past for the foreseeable future because bin capacity has been increased from 1.5 million bushels to 5 million bushels. — Full Story »

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